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RN2020 Electric distribution auto remote terminal device (DTU)

basic information
Product description

1. Overview (RN2020) :

DTU is application for remote, control, communication, new electric distribution equipments in modern computer technology, and ensure electric distribution net safe, reliable, economic, excellent, efficient .

RN2020 is applicable to test and control 10KV open closed station 1—16 lines, it can collect and upload information for multiple loop line voltage, line current, zero current, equipment status, error. With many communication interfaces and communication terms .

2. Configuration specifications (RN2020) :

1) Telemetry section:support 64-lines analog collection (Max) .

It include N inputting lines: each line collect 3 phase-voltage (Uab, Uac, Ucb), collect 3 electric current (A, C, Zero) ; N outputting lines: each line collect electric current (A, C, Zero) , telemetry section include N voltage, N current, 64-lines module in all (Max) .

2) Telesignalling section: 6 – 9 lines each switch .

Telesignalling inputting include switch location, grounding switch location, electrically operated institution storage, remote/control, and so on .

3) Remote control section: access to 16 remote control loop, electrically operated institute power : DC24/48V .

4) Communication section: 2*10M/100M adapt to industry ethernet port, optical fiber interface, GPRS module, 2* RS232 + 2*RS485 / 2*RS422 + 1* RS232 local maintenance.

5) Power management section: It can remote battery activation, power charging and discharging management, etc. 300W—1000W.

6) Battery section: It can mate 12AH – 100AH battery, DTU still can work above 4 hours after PT power off, multi-switch reclosing power requirements .

7) Cabinet size: 1000mmx600mmx400mm ( 6 units standard ) . can make any size according to customers’ requirements .

8) EMC design, 32 bit DSP hardware, uC/OS-II operating system.

3. Main technical parameters:

1) Electric current measure : 1A / 5A .

2) Electric voltage measure : 100V / 220V .

3) Direct current input: 30V (DC) .

4) Telesignalling input: 24V (DC) .

5) Remote output: 5A 30V (DC) / 10A 250V (AC) .

6) Communication terms: IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-104, CDT92, DNP3.0, MODBUS, etc .

4. Applicable occasions:

Remote monitoring on line switch for 10KV box-type substation, sub-section post, RMU ; support telesignalling, telemetry, remote control” automation function; achieve information unimpeded on electric current, voltage, switch location status, fault trip and fault alarm, operation command; support optical fiber, industrial Ethernet, GPRS, GSM communicaton terms; support power management, battery activation, battery alarm and other function .

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