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basic information
Product description

Outdoor high voltage isolation switch is three-phase ac 50Hz outdoor high voltage electrical equipment. It is applicable to the three-phase ac 50Hz outdoor power system of power plants, substations and large industrial and mining enterprises, for the replacement and connection of high-voltage lines in the case of reactive power, as well as the isolation, separation and combination of high-voltage bus, circuit breaker and other electrical equipment inspected and repaired with live high-voltage lines. It is safe and reliable, easy to operate and flexible. , suitable for power plants, substations and large industrial and mining enterprises of the three-phase ac 50 hz outdoor power system, the current: 630 a, 1250 a, 1600 a, 2000 a, used for high voltage line under the condition of reactive power to carry on the exchange, as well as on the maintenance of the high voltage bus, circuit breaker electrical equipment with high voltage line charged electrical isolation and points, closed circuit. It is safe and reliable, easy to operate and flexible.

Technical structure features

High voltage isolating switch is to meet the requirements of high performance in today's outdoor distribution system designed, the product adopts copper blade all silver plating technique, can withstand high fault current, so the switch of dynamic and static contact, terminals will not hot melt by over current, burn, or cause dents, and unique shape structure without bonding under high current operation, wear and abrasion.

High voltage isolation switch, with its double layer, cold drawn, round edge copper plated silver blade, the structure of a particularly strong structure, in order to ensure that the switch closing, and the tongue shape fixed contact reliable joint, even from the side of the closing line. The unique locking design ensures that the blade does not break away from the closing position due to short circuit point power.

The product is characterized by simple and reliable structure and strong current-carrying capacity. The pillar insulator is formed by high-pressure injection of high-performance outdoor epoxy resin, which has high corrosion resistance and outdoor uv aging resistance. Creepage distance can meet the requirements of grade Ⅳ filth. Base is made of stainless steel plate bending forming, high strength, superior corrosion resistance, etc.

Product compliance

Insulation and coordination of high voltage transmission and transformation equipment;

General technical requirements for ac high voltage switching equipment;

GB/ t5582-1993 external insulation pollution level of high-voltage power equipment;

Iec62271-102:2002 high voltage ac isolation switch and ground switch

GB/ t5582-1993 external insulation pollution level of high voltage power equipment

GB 14048.3-2008 low-voltage switchgear and controlgear - part 3: switches, isolators, isolators and fuse assemblies.

GB/T 21207-2007 "basic principles for the description of industrial equipment for networking of low-voltage switchgear and control equipment".

GB/T 14048.1-2000 general principles for low-voltage switchgear and control equipment

Apply to the environment

Ambient temperature: upper limit +40 lower limit -40

Altitude: less than 1000m

Maximum wind speed: 34m/s

Seismic resistance: below grade 8

Installation place: no fire, explosion danger, chemical corrosion and violent vibration

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